Pokemon: Let’s Go Review – Remade Magic

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! are full remakes of the first generation Pokemon game, Pokemon: Yellow. With cheerful and modern graphics and some gameplay changes, the Pokemon: Let’s Go games revisit the original Pokemon adventure in style. Players return to the picturesque island region of Kanto, where wild miniature monsters roam free. It’s your quest to catch them all and go on an epic journey to become the ultimate Pokemon master! As both a remake and a standalone pair, the Pokemon: Let’s Go games are excellent adventures for Pokemon veterans and newcomers alike.

Back to Kanto

At the start of your adventure, you’re a young boy or girl living in Pallet Town, a small community in the region of Kanto. After encountering a wild Pokemon that takes a liking to you (either Pikachu or Eevee depending on the game), you begin your adventure as a Pokemon trainer. Back at home, the Pokemon expert Professor Oak provides you with some solid advice, and alongside your neighborhood rival, you embark from Pallet Town on a lengthy journey.

Your quest to become Pokemon master takes you to some wonderful locations, including a variety of towns,cities, and outdoor paths. When you’re not catching Pokemon or battling other trainers, you’ll take on tough Gym Leaders to earn Badges. Each gym leader is themed after the various Pokemon types,and present a good challenge. You’ll also run into the pesky Team Rocket, a villainous gang who constantly wreaks havoc. Generally speaking, the world of Kanto is easy to navigate but also jam packed with fun locations and interesting characters. It’s fun to chat with local residents and shopkeepers, who will often aid you in your quest or provide good advice.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Gameplay in Pokemon: Let’s Go is very similar to the original game, with a few noticeable differences. Although there is plenty to see and do in the region of Kanto, gameplay is mainly split between four aspects

Firstly, there’s exploration. You’ll walk around Kanto, discovering routes that lead to new cities and areas. Along the way, you can encounter wild Pokemon to catch, battles to take part in, and a slew of fun secrets.

Next, you’ll spend a good deal of time catching and training Pokemon to add to your party. In Pokemon: Let’s Go, the random encounters have been removed. Instead, you’re able to see wild Pokemon as they move around the world, choosing which ones to interact with. Once you engage with a wild Pokemon, you’ll have to catch them using a style that is similar to Pokemon Go. Unlike the original game, you won’t have to fight the Pokemon to make them easier to catch. Instead, you simply throw Pokeballs at them, with higher quality Pokeballs raising your chance at successful capture. When using the Joycon controller, you simply mimick a throwing motion to toss Pokeballs. In handheld mode, you look around with the Gampad and throw by pressing the A button. When you catch new Pokemon, you’ll gain experience that levels up your current team.Overall, the new catching mechanics are decent, and remove the tedium of normal catching. However, the motion controls on the Joycon don’t work perfectly, which can be frustrating.

You can also gain experience points by battling other trainers. While on your journey, you’ll encounter other characters with their own Pokemon. Battling other trainers is just like the original game; you choose your Pokemon and pick attacks that range in type. The turn-based battles give you plenty of time to react, and there are plenty of items you can purchase and use.Pokemon: Let’s Go adds some fun elements during battles, like some newly overpowered elemental attacks, as well as the introduction of double trainer battles. Additionally, the Let’s Go series expands the types of Pokemon available, including Dragon, Fairy, and other types that weren’t introduced until later in the series.

Finally, you have a main quest to defeat the Elite Four. In order to do that, you have to visit every major town and battle a Gym Leader. This gives you a good constant objective, and you’ll always be moving with a purpose. The main story does a great job introducing you to new Pokemon and gameplay mechanics, while also offering a wonderful coming-of-age fantasy tale.

A Bright and Welcoming World

The look and sounds of Pokemon: Let’s Go are wonderful, and a great nostalgic kick for those who love the original. The entire game has been fully revamped, with 3D graphics, new music, and a plethora of other fun options. The world of Kanto is both beautiful and varied, with each town having a distinct look. Thes mall Pallet Town is entirely different from the bustling metropolis of Celadon City, which provides a nice sense of scope. There are also some truly memorable locations, like the Team Rocket Hideout and the creepy Lavender Town.

The game also has an excellent soundtrack, with brand new remixes of classic town themes and battle effects. Whether you’re in a Pokemart, a dark cave, or battling in a Gym, each location had an identifiable and catchy tune. The music is often upbeat and cheery, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.Battle music is appropriately intense, and the cute vocalizations of various Pokemon areĀ  unforgettable.

Should You Buy Pokemon: Let’s Go?

Regardless of which game you choose, both Pokemon: Let’s Go titles are excellent remakes. The new catching and battling features make things exceptionally easy at times, which is a positive or negative depending on how big of a challenge you want. However, there are few complaints beyond that. The graphics are great, the music and sound is charming, and the story remains wonderful and effective.

Smart new features like Pokemon GO connectivity and playing with your partner Pokemon add more depth than before, while the original mechanics stand strong. For new Pokemon players, the Let’s Go series is a wonderful introduction. For veterans, it’s an easy but joyous trip down memory lane. If you have nostalgia for the original Pokemon adventure, or you want to introduce it to a younger games, Pokemon: Let’s Go is a must-buy.There are a few issues, but the majority of the experience is expertly designed and gives you a real sense of adventure.

Rating: 8.5/10