The Top 5 Best Nintendo Speed Runs of AGDQ 2017

With AGDQ 2017 in the bag, it’s time we close out our coverage with a look back at what it had to offer.  As a charity event, it was fantastic.  As the dust settles and the final numbers rolled in, AGDQ 2017 managed to raise 2.2 million dollars to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  A feat in its own right, I must commend Games Done Quick for a job well done.  Despite flaws and mishaps, the team consistently put on an excellent show year after year.  The fact that it’s all done in the name of cancer research is simply the cherry on top.

Beyond raising money for an excellent cause, AGDQ 2017 offered some insanely impressive speed runs for fans of every console and genre.  Nintendo fans got lots of love, with major runs of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more!  I was there for most of it, taking in all the speed running goodness and relaying it back to you!  I saw some pretty amazing runs, and while I didn’t cover all of them, there’s tons worth checking out.  To finish off NintendoStar’s AGDQ 2017 coverage, here’s my top 5 best Nintendo speed runs of this year!

5. Super Smash Brothers (Gamecube) Event Mode

While not the most technically impressive run of AGDQ 2017, I have to give my props to runner Fuzzyness for providing great commentary.  Don’t take that as a shot at the difficulty of this run; a speed run is hard no matter what game you’re playing.  However, Fuzzyness’ laid back attitude and cheerful commentary made the run an absolute gem and a pleasure to watch.  I was such a fan of his, that I checked out his Sega Bass Fishing run as well.  This Super Smash Brothers Event mode run is a perfect example how a captivating runner can add tons of enjoyment to a speed run.

If you missed my more detailed coverage of this run, check it out HERE.

4.  Super Monkey Ball 2 Adventure Mode

Super Monkey Ball 2 is a childhood favorite of mine.  Although I wasn’t able to do a more detailed write up on it, I highly suggest this run due to its fast pace alone.  It’s no secret that Super Monkey Ball is a tough franchise.  That’s why runner Peanut is able to blow everyone’s minds by completing the game’s impossible levels in lightning speed.  This is true speed; if you look away for a second you might miss something.  It’s a game that’s all about control, and seeing the skill required to master the hardest levels left me in awe.  If you’ve never played Super Monkey Ball, I still urge you to check out this run.

3. Super Mario Sunshine 4 Man Race

Super Mario Sunshine is not only one of my favorite 3D Mario games, but is also one of the most unique ones.  If you’ve never played Super Mario Sunshine, it’s really something to behold.  Instead of saving the Princess in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario runs around a tropical island, cleaning up slime with his trusty water pack.  As you can imagine, this adds a whole new element of movement to the game.  Taking all these things into account, it’s a real treat to watch four of the best Super Mario Sunshine runners duke it out.  This specific race is a great one too; there’s quite a few lead changes and upsets.  The runners really did the game justice, and showed off some fantastic tricks while they were at it.

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2. Donkey Kong Country Trilogy Relay Race

Although it was a bit lengthy, the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy relay race was a fantastic run.  Three teams raced against each other attempting to beat Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3, as quickly as possible.  Not only did Donkey Kong Country fans get to see three of their favorite games back to back, but the relay race also offered a closer look at the differences between the games.  Relay races are a great way to get more familiar with a specific franchise, and Donkey Kong Country is one that I’ve been dying to dig into for quite some time.  This relay race scratched that itch, and did a great job showing off some insane platforming along the way.

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1.  Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS All Dungeons

I’m a huge fan of Zelda, especially Ocarina of Time.  I often argue that it’s one of the best games of all time.  It’s also one of the most popular games in speed running.  For those who have followed the evolution of speed runs on the N64 for a few years, you’ve seen quite a few glitches.  The 3DS version offers up some incredible new glitches that really change the way I saw Ocarina of Time speed runs for a while.  Even if you’re not a huge fan of Zelda, this run has some insane glitches by any standard.  The sequences breaks are common and exciting, and the glitches are massive and well explained.  The runner, BenStephens56, did a great job explaining tricks as he went along.  It was interesting to see just how many changes there were between the 3DS and N64 versions, and just how big those changes affected the speed run.  It was my favorite run of AGDQ 2017, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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