Watch this Insane Short Film: Majora’s Mask Terrible Fate

Majora’s Mask is a fiercely loved entry into the Legend of Zelda collection for good reason. It used the familiar layout and graphics from Ocarina of Time and added darker gameplay with more adult themes. If you haven’t played it, I strongly recommend picking it up on N64 or 3DS.

Majora’s Mask Terrible Fate Fan Film

Today, EmberLab published their tribute Majora’s Mask. Their short film (about 4 minutes long)  tell of Skull Kid’s terrifying origin. This is purely fanfic, but they did an absolutely AMAZING job with the graphics, music, pacing, and rendering of the content. EmberLab describes it as their “labor of love”. I highly recommend you put on some headphones, dim the lights, and play this video on 4K!

You can also check out their official website and listed to the free soundtrack!