Nintendo Classic Edition Pre-Order: Where to Get It


The Nintendo Classic Edition pre-order news has shown that all suppliers ran out in no time. Retailers everywhere are showing “out of stock” for NES Classic pre-orders, which will no doubt leave scalpers ready to pick up the extra cash from motivated buyers. The exact same thing happened when the GameCube adapter came out for the Wii U. Nintendo produced this $20 accessory, included in a Super Smash Brothers bundle, in very low numbers. A mad dash and craze surrounded the device and led to sales reaching over $120 on eBay and other auction sites.

A Nintendo Sales Technique

I really think this is a sales technique used by Nintendo in order to create artificial scarcity. Do they do it to increase unit revenue? No. They do it to increase customer demand, news coverage, and long term sales. Take a look at the upcoming Mini NES.  The parts and internals are not hard to come by, even some of the connectors have been in use since 2006. But the strategy of limiting the amount of systems available to consumers early on will play to their favor come Christmas time. I believe the shelves will be fully stocked by Black Friday or at least the first week of December. The Classic NES selling out builds the fervor for the product, and furthers the “gotta have it” mentality for gift givers. The Wii used this same method – I still remember waiting at midnight in 2008 to get a Wii!! Scarcity creates a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell! Or, if you don’t have a cowbell, learn how to pre-order!

Nintendo Classic Edition Pre-Order: A How-To

Well, what do you do if everyone allowing pre-order is sold out?  There are two options:

  1. Buy in person from somewhere that doesn’t do pre-orders (like GameStop). Downside is you have to wait in line, and when you finally get into the store, they might have sold out and you’ve just wasted your time.
  2. Use email notification to tell you when you can pre-order. Use that link and click “Get email alert” in the top right. That way, you’ll be able to rush to your computer and pre-order as soon as it becomes available. Less time in lines, more time watching re-runs of I Love Lucy.

I plan on placing an order the second it comes back in stock. I’ll get the console in one or two days by using Amazon Prime and not have to fight reality of in-store shopping, where it WILL be sold out. Anyways good luck on getting yours! I’m stoked for this device. People complain about the short cables and other issues, but there are cables coming available that will allow long distance play. Also if you don’t believe in Amazon, you can check here for a list of retailers and availability.