2016 Nintendo Black Friday Deals!

I know many don’t really care for the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, but since it is one of the best time to save some coin on gift I’ll get started. As deals start getting announced I’ll post them below, along with any competing or similar offer. The point is to get the best price on related gaming gear, so save this page to see any 2016 Nintendo Black Friday deals. Remember some of these will be in-store only!

2016 Nintendo Black Friday Deals


New Nintendo 3DS: $100 via Target – Black or White Special Editions.

Wii U: Rumors at $200. This is a killer deal! If production has stopped, then these will be a great buy along with the killer catalog of games.


Pokemon Moon/Sun: $30 at Amazon

Super Mario Maker: $35 via Target.

Pokken Tounament: $35 via Target.

New Super Mario Bros. 2: $15 via Target.

Pokemon X/Y: $25 via Target

Kirby: Planet Robobot: $25 via Target

eShop cards:  buy one, get one 10 percent off via Target.


Stay tuned as we look to add games, peripherals, fan items and consoles to this list. We are keen to save money and see any Black Friday wins you find!



Updated: 10NOV @ 1403 EST