Super Mario Run Release Date Confirmed!

If you are stoked for Mario’s first (official) entry into the iOS ecosphere then you’ll be happy to hear this! Nintendo confirms 15 December 2016 is the Super Mario Run Release Date! This is great news as we haven’t yet heard when the anticipated touch-based running game was due to be released. After Tim Cook’s visit to Nintendo Headquarters in Japan, the internet and gaming communities has been set ablaze with speculation of the release date.

Nintendo has published the date on their Super Mario Run website which also links to the Apple App store via iTunes. You can sign up for notifications for your iPhone or iPad. The App Store and website lists some of the gameplay mechanics which are much different than the traditional joystick or d-pad we’ve grown up with. The App Store shows scenes describing,”Mario Runs Automatically, Tap to Jump, Beat Bowser, Build your Kingdom, and Nice Move!” Game element from Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros, miitomo, and other’s are shown.

Super Mario Run Release Confirms Three Modes

The official site lists three modes of gameplay: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

In World Tour you run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. It contains 6 worlds with 24 newly designed stages for play through including ghost houses, airships and castle.

In Toad Rally you show off Mario’s moves and compete against friends worldwide for highscore and coins. Virtual Toads cheer you on and can come live in your kingdom. There also coin rush powerups. You must have Rally Tickets to play, which are earned though many ways like playing through World Tour. At first I thought this could hint at a “pay to play” portion of this game, but we’ll get to this later.

In Kingdom Builder you gather coins and toads from the previous modes to build your own Mushroom kingdom. There are over 100 items you can use to customize your kingdom and you use coins from the game to accomplish this, possibly leading to another pay to play portion.

Pricing of Super Mario Run

The final portion of the site lists the game will be available on 15DEC16 for $9.99 in the Apples AppStore for iPhone and iPad. With that $9.99 you get access to all 6 worlds (1-1 through 6-4) and then it states, “You will not be required to make additional payments after you purchase the game.” The site offers this later in the description, “You can download and enjoy a portion of the game for free.”  I hope this game will not be freemium, but it’s possible that you can download and play for free, with the option to buy power-up, coins, tickets, or whatever, through the App Store. However, knowing Nintendo, it’s likely that they simply have a stunted version of the game for free, leading you to buy the full $9.99 version. Since they promise that once you purchase it’s free to play, they are likely targeting full purchases. Along with the Super Mario Run release date and prices, I leave you with pics and video!