Pokemon Sun and Moon: Sales are Massive

The first few days of Pokemon Sun and Moon sales numbers are astonishing. Current estimates of launch sales are over 10 million copies. This report reflects one and a half times as many copies as the last entry, Pokemon X and Y. Apparently the 3DS has some life left in it as this is the largest launch in it’s history.

The Hype of Pokemon

Sun and Moon Box artEveryday, Pokemon, owned by The Pokemon Company, builds a larger following. Since the mid-90’s, they have targeted youth and a growing fanbase. With merchandising, animated television shows, a trading card game, and video games; the support for these pocket monsters has only grown! Recently the release of Pokemon Go has helped bring millions of new faces to the Pokemon brand. The buzz behind the mobile application has no doubt supported Sun and Moon’s impressive pre-launch sales. The augmented reality gameplay was a genius move that helped introduce players without having to understand the battle concept.

Demos Helped

Nintendo released a fantastic Pokemon Sun and Moon demo that gave them coverage of the core mechanics, gameplay, and characters, prior to release. While demos for games become less popular, using this tried and true method allows bloggers and, most importantly, gamers to get hands on. Obviously, Nintendo was confident in the new Pokemon entry, as the reviews and gaming community support was very positive.

Throwback to Older Styles

I think one of the biggest reasons people are support this game is a design pattern that focuses on earlier Pokemon entries. Many of the announced and leaks Pokemon had design similarities with Red and Blue, or Gold and Silver. As someone who played these games while is school, I favor the simpler, animalistic style designs, rather than the mech-godzilla inspired designs.

Sun and Moon Sales Means More Pokemon

All in all, I’m extremely excited to play Pokemon Sun and Moon. The demo, downloaded over 3.5 million times, showed only a piece of this great game. I think it’s destiny that Sun and Moon breaks X and Y’s record of 15.4 million. Also, the rumored Switch integration looks like it will end up being something amazing! If you haven’t yet picked up your copy then head to Amazon and buy Sun and Moon! Gotta’ Catch ’em All!