Watch Live TV on the Wii U Gamepad

Nintendo’s latest console allows you to bring games from your TV to the touch screen gamepad, but what if you want to bring live television to that same controller? Using a smart application you can do just this. TVCatchup allows you to watch live UK television online or on an iPad. It seems that the site also allows you to use the application on the Wii U gamepad. All UK Freeview channels are available on the site, from BBC One to CBBC. It is completely free to sign up using just a username and email address!  This is pretty cool for the UK users of the WiiU and we’ll see if anything manages to shape up for US or other markets.

The gamepad has tons of possibilities and although we have seen some pretty cool stuff (WiiU sports), this brings all new opportunities to the WiiU. Dual screen give new TV and movies possibilities, party game options, and hopefully some strong web browsing options. One thing I’m waiting for is a YouTube app that would allow control, queuing, and other controls from the gamepad, while fullscreen play through the TV.

If you are in the UK and want to watch live TV on your Gamepad go to