Hori Wii U Accessories Preview

With the Wii U launch out of the way, Hori have given us the run-down on their range of accessories for the new Nintendo console. Hori create quality licensed video game products, which are engineered and designed in Japan. From 3DS cases to DS play stands, screen protectors to game cases, Hori have it all. So check out the latest range set to hit the shelves for the Wii U launch below.

Wii U Pad Mario Filter and Skin Set

Mario Wii U game pad skin

Featuring artwork and characters from New Super Mario Bros. U, these controller skins are definitely our favourite product. Decorate your Wii U game pad and up to four Wii remotes with the likes of Mario and Toad, whilst protecting your controllers at the same time. The pack also comes with a screen filter for the Wii U gamepad

Wii U Fighting Stick

Wii U Fighting Stick

How else are you planning to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on your new Wii U? The wired fighting stick has an 8 button layout and turbo and button toggle features equipped.

Wii U Pad Flip Protector Stand


This innovative Wii U gamepad flip case protects your controller whilst acting as a fold out stand. Offering protection for your gamepad, and the option of hands free gaming. The screen cover folds onto the reverse side of the pad to function as a collapsible stand. We will definitely be picking one of these up.

Wii U Pad Silicone Protector


This silicone sleeve creates a protective casing for your Wii U gamepad and protects the controller from dirt and scratches. The silicone material also provides added grip during gameplay enhancing your play control. The case allows full access to all ports, buttons and camera lens once fitted onto the gamepad.

Wii U Pad Clear Protector


This clear protective casing is made from durable polycarbonate material that will protect your Wii U gamepad from damage and scratches.

Wii U Pad Precision Screen Filter

Hori’s popular range of screen filters returns this time for the Wii U Gamepad. A perfect fit for the screen on the controller and manufactured to ensure no air bubbles remain under the screen once fitted.

Screen Filter and Stylus Set

The screen and stylus set includes 1 screen filter for the Wii U Gamepad, and 2 styluses with strap.