Super Paper Mario Let’s Play

Ever wondered what a complete play through of Super Paper Mario on Nintendo Wii looks like. (don’t deny it we know you have). Well look no further, our youtube family is doing all the hard work, and is currently playing his way through the various dimensions for your viewing pleasure. Check back for the latest instalment, and enjoy the journey so far below:

Chapter 6:2 – The End of A World

Chapter 6:1 – Sammer Guy Showdown

Part 26 – SIDE QUEST!

Part 25 – Flopside

Chapter 5:4 – The Menace of King Croacus

Chapter 5:3 – A Crag in the Dark

Chapter 5:2 – Pixls, Tablets and Crags

Chapter 5:1 – Downtown of Crag

End of Chapter – The Green Thunder

Chapter 4:3 – The Gates of Space

Chapter 4:2 – A Paper Emergency

Chapter 4:1

Super Paper Mario is an Amazing epic on the Nintendo Wii and deserves to be on the shelf of any self-respecting gamer! Pick up a copy of Super Paper Mario and don’t stop till it’s done!