Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Have Giant Pokemon Battles, Releasing November 15th

Your journey through an all-new Pokemon game will begin on November 15th, when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch on Nintendo Switch. During their Nintendo Direct live stream, we got a closer look at Game Freak’s newest iteration in the massively popular role playing game. Players can look forward to a slew of new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield, all while continuing their quest to become the very best Pokemon trainer in the Gala Region.

Credit to Nintendo

Giant Pokemon Max Out the Screen

Your journey through the Gala Region seem similar in structure to past Pokemon titles, foregoing the newer changes seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS. You’ll take on the role as the main character, attempting to work their way to the top of the Pokemon trainer ladder. In order to do so, you’ll have to explore the various wild areas of the Gala Region, encountering a slew of Pokemon types. These Pokemon can be captured and trained for battle, and can now grow to huge proportions thanks to the new “Dynamaxing” mechanic in the game.

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Although Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are primarily single-player games, you’ll be able to take on massive enemy Pokemon online with up to three friends in the new Max Raid Battles. By linking up with other players on Nintendo Online, you’ll combine your powers and try to take down these mammoth beasts. You’ll want to catch a few if possible, because you’ll definitely need some titan Pokemon if you plan on taking on the various Gym Leaders in the Gala Region.

The New Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Like any great Pokemon games, Sword and Shield will contain a slew of personable Pokemon that you’ll be able to catch and train. While we don’t have a final number yet, we can probably expect well over 150 unique Pokemon. There will be a mix of both new and old Pokemon, including Pokemon from the classic Pokemon Red and Blue games. When starting their journey, players will meet up with the friendly Professor Magnolia and her assistant, and choose between one of three starter Pokemon: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble.

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Alongside your rival Hop, you’ll take your starter Pokemon and battle them against other wild Pokemon, growing your team as you attempt to take on the world’s best Pokemon trainers. Gym battles are back again, taking place in televised stadiums with roaring crowds. You’ll have to level up your Pokemon if you want to survive, so be sure you have the power to take on these tough opponents. Your main objective in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to climb to the top of the Pokemon trainer ranks and become Pokemon Champion, overthrowing the current champion, Leon.

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Battle Legendary Pokemon on November 15th

We won’t have to wait too long for this colorful and exciting Pokemon adventure, as Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be launching worldwide on November 15th, 2019. Players will be able to pick up the games individually, or buy the double pack, which contains both games for a discounted price. The difference between the two versions of the game have not been detailed yet, but we can assume that certain Pokemon will only be available in Sword and Shield respectively. At the very least, you’ll be siding with one of the two new legendary Pokemon based on your buying decision.

Credit to Nintendo

We are super excited to dig into another fantastic Pokemon adventure in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It looks like it will be blending together new mechanics with a familiar structure, resulting in an experience that should be an absolute hit. The Pokemon franchise is renowned for its joyous atmosphere and family-friendly stories, so this should be an absolute hit at the holidays. Regardless of which Pokemon game you decide to pick up, traveling through the Gala Region on your quest to become Pokemon Champion should be an outstanding experience. We’ll know for sure when the game launches on November 15th, 2019.