Nintendo Switch: GameCube Virtual Console Leak

The guys at Eurogamer have dropped some source leaks that the Nintendo Switch will:

  1. Include a GameCube Virtual Console
  2. Have a Virtual Console upgrade program

Three games, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Smash Bros Melee are all now confirmed (through multiple sources) to have been tested and ready to go for the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console!  The team that worked on develop the NES Mini (N.E.R.D) is behind the design and implementation of the new VC – which means this will likely be exact and true GameCube style gameplay.

Nintendo Switch GameCube Virtual Console Upgrades

When I purchased a Wii U I remember some Wii to Wii U VC upgrades, but I never took advantage. Nintendo in the past has offered these upgrades for a meager fee, which is better than charging for the same thing again. I’d prefer the My Nintendo account just allow you to download previously purchased titles, but double-dipping is guaranteed profits.

GameCube Joy-Con

Although the leak isn’t an official announcement, it is still amazing news!  Getting to relive GameCube games  on the Switch is impressive, but one thing that sounds likely will be…GAMECUBE Controller Joy-Cons!  This is HUGE. As for an avid smash player, a triumphant supporter of the Wii U GameCube Adapter, and a pure believe in the C-Sticks glory, this is amazing news.  Not only will this likely Joy-Con give Melee some love (and god please let it be eligible to play with local Nintendo Switch support), this is also great news for a Sm4sh up-port and any future releases! If anything we will likely see support for the Wii U GameCube adapter, and the Switch already has the USB ports to support it.

I’m also stoked for the announcement of Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion (Matt’s Favorite!).  Reports are out now that the GameCube Virtual Console will have  Animal Crossing as well, which is cool since it has some included NES games.

The Switch is turning out to be better and better, let’s hope that Nintendo stocks the shelves in March. I’d hate for a repeat of the Mini Crisis!