Nintendo Switch Color Swaps

So social media has been ablaze with news of the new Nintendo Switch, and in true Nintendo form there will be no news published until early 2017. Most are anxiously awaiting the tiniest leak, but speculation is now the fuel that feeds our hunger!

One the hottest topics on photo sharing sites is Nintendo Switch color swaps for the upcoming console. There have been many ideas from Atomic Purple (similar to the original GameCube colorization), to many Zelda themed Switch designs. The later is extremely popular given the hype for the Breath of Wild trailer and Switch gameplay in the Nintendo reveal earlier this month. I’ve displayed several of our favorite colorizations below, one thing we are trying to find is the likelihood that these will ever get released… Given the trailer only showed adults playing, it is unlikely that different color consoles would be on the market as they are aimed more at younger audiences.  Thanks to @bakayoshi for the making these great mockups!