5 Reasons Tetris 99 is the Best Battle Royale on Switch

When you think of the battle royale genre, thoughts of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG probably come to mind. Although Fortnite has been tearing up the competition on every system including the Switch, I firmly believe that the Nintendo system has a far better battle royale experience. When Nintendo first announced Tetris 99, a battle royale take on the classic puzzle game Tetris, many fans rolled their eyes. How could this timeless gem be turned into a modern last-man-standing experience? By the time I had played my fourth or fifth round of Tetris 99, something was blatantly clear. Tetris 99 is the best battle royale game on the Nintendo Switch. Here are five reasons why.

5. It’s Free (With Nintendo Online)

Much like Fortnite, Tetris 99 is absolutely free to download, assuming you already subscribe to the Nintendo Online service. In this way, Tetris 99 isn’t truly free, but it’s an amazing value when you consider the cost of Nintendo Online. Not only is this a deal for consumers, but it’s also a smart way to ensure that Tetris 99 never runs low on players. Since the game is free to any Switch owner interested in online play, it quickly becomes a default download for anyone who comes across it. As new members sign up for Nintendo Online, new Tetris 99 players pop up in turn.

4. Easy to Play, Hard to Master

If for some reason you’ve never played a Tetris game, the concept is quite simple. Different shapes fall from the top of a well-shaped column, and you must stack them in horizontal lines in order to clear them off the board. As you progress, the pieces fall with increasing speed, and if you’re not quick enough you’ll lose. It’s a simple formula that is incredibly easy to learn, and the controls are only a few buttons as well. However, there’s a deep strategy to Tetris, and it will take a lot of practice to learn it. This is doubly true for Tetris 99, as you’ll have to learn competitive tactics as well to win the round.

3. Deeper Strategy for Advanced Players

Speaking of that deep strategy, Tetris 99 stands out by feeling both new and completely familiar. Tetris has seen countless iterations over the years, with each new release trying to mix up the formula. Tetris 99 doesn’t change too much about the fundamental gameplay, but opens up some cool competitive options. During a match, you’ll be able to to target other players. By clearing lines, you’ll send additional pieces their way, messing up their well. Who you choose to target might be random as first, but as you learn the various defensive and offensive strategies behind the mechanic, you’ll targeting to be a complete game-changer.

2. Incredibly Intense Final Moments

Like Fortnite or any other competitive game, Tetris 99 can quickly get the blood pumping. At the start of a match, the pace is controllable and easy. As players start dropping off and the competition thins, things really start to pick up. Once you reach the last ten players alive, your heart will be racing and your palms sweaty as can be. In order to win the match and earn a victory, it will take a huge amount of focus and concentration. You’ll find that tough though, as few competitive experiences are as fast and as stressful as the final moments of a Tetris 99 match.

1. Endlessly Addictive

Just like every Tetris game before it, the core gameplay of Tetris 99 is exceptionally addictive. Clearing blocks is cathartic and rewarding at the same time. Combine this with the competitive nature of game, and you have a truly awesome experience that never seems to get boring. It’s super to play “just one more game”, clicking the rematch option before you even think about it.

If you haven’t tried out Tetris 99 yet, you can get it for free with a subscription to Nintendo’s online service. New members start with a 7-day free trial, so giving Tetris 99 a whirl is absolutely free (granted you have internet access). We highly recommend you give it a shot, as Tetris 99 is easily one of the best battle royale games, and an excellent addition to the Nintendo Switch library.